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Shaker Group is the First Saudi Company to be Fully Accredited by The Saudi Energy Efficiency Center (SEEC)

Shaker Group, through its (ESCO) subsidiary specialized in Energy Solutions, has attained another new success by obtaining the Certificate of Qualification granted by the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center (SEEC) as the first Saudi company in the private sector to honor this all-inclusive accreditation. The Company’s entitlement to this position is attributed to its fulfillment of the relevant requirements and conditions, in addition to the Company’s long experience in the field, quality of services and solutions in energy efficiency demonstrated by a portfolio of environmentally friendly projects done by the Company during the past years, up-to-date technologies, attainment of certificates of excellence, and high-level of human and executive experiences.

Mr. Jameel Abdullah Al Molhem, Managing Director of Shaker Group, praised the Shaker Group’s success. He stated: “Shaker Group enjoys a good reputation in energy efficiency solutions, it skillfully adopted a lofty goal that we all aspire to achieve: to deliver the best and latest methods to reduce waste and to achieve the highest efficiency in the use of energy resources enjoyed by our beloved Kingdom. Our eligibility for this certificate issued by the Saudi Center for Energy Efficiency entitles us to provide smart services and apply them to the buildings in the Kingdom including the current ones and those which are under the planning phase. This confirms that Shaker Group’s is utilizing the most innovative approaches in its products and services in line with Kingdom's Vision 2030 that aimed at making Saudi Arabia a pioneering model in energy efficiency solutions and renewable energy’s smart application in all projects and buildings, not only in the region, but at the highest international levels”.
Under this certification, ESCO will deliver architectural design services dedicated to energy efficiency criteria, management of energy efficiency projects in buildings, data review and buildings thoroughness, deliverance of energy efficiency solutions, measurement services and verification of energy consumption rates.
It is worth to mention that the "EMS" is also a subsidiary of Shaker Group established in 1991 as the first one in the Middle East to provide Energy Management Solutions, with over 25 years of regional experience. Shaker Group projects are covering the residential, commercial, airports, hospitals, banks, shopping malls and government buildings. They are milestones that boost the Group’s march of marvelous performance in the Kingdom.

Reducing Energy Consumption up to 53% plus 10 Years Warranty
Shaker Group launches the New Generation of Dual Inverter ACs

Shaker Group, the sole distributor of LG Air Conditioners in Saudi Arabia, conducted recently the annual dealer’s conventions in five Saudi cities. The events were attended by over 1,500 VIP guests, including LG Air Conditioners’ dealers, contractors, developers and media people.

Commented on the event, Mr. Jameel bin Abdullah Al Molhem, Managing Director of Shaker Group said: “We are keeping pace with the world’s transformations and advances in the field of cutting-edge air conditioners and cooling systems. We devoted our efforts with our global partner LG Electronics to develop the most advanced Air Conditioners with the dual inverter technology that meets the consumer's needs, and move in line with the government’s ambitious plans on energy preservation as per the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. Shaker Group prides itself to unveil, in this time specifically, the new generation of energy-saving ACs, responding to the existing priorities and to satisfy the Saudi consumer’s needs. With this in mind, we have launched our promotional campaign "Jeet Bwaktag - Just in Time" aimed at enlightening the local market of the huge capabilities of the Dual Inverter ACs.

During the event, Mr. Maissam Hannawi, Vice President of Marketing at Shaker Group, elaborated more on the LG’s innovative A/C products with the dual inverter technology through his interactive presentation that revealed the smart capabilities and countless benefits of this advanced products. “The new AC is capable of reducing the electricity bill up to 53%, as per the international TUV Laboratory’s certified tests. It also provides up to 60% faster cooling. And it comes with a generous 10-year warranty on compressor”. Those advantages respond to today’s requirements of the Saudi consumers in terms of energy saving consumption, especially with the upcoming increase in electricity tariff rates. As known, many countries in the world had already shifted completely to the inverter technology and banned the import of the conventional compressors.

Featuring innovative and advanced technologies, LG have enjoyed a top position as the global No.1 selling air conditioning brand, as reported by the Euro Monitor International.

Free Maintenance Campaign for Mosques” delivered by Shaker Group
Repair of 5,000 Air Conditioners in 500 mosques all over the Kingdom

Shaker Group, the sole distributor of LG Air Conditioners in Saudi Arabia, has launched a campaign of free maintenance in the mosques all over KSA in preparation for the holy month of Ramadan under the slogan (Our mosques, our responsibility) The campaign aims at providing comfortable atmosphere to the worshipers in order to assist them in performing their prayers and rituals easily. A technical team of maintenance from Shaker Group visited the mosques in all the regions of KSA to offer the free maintenance services including air filters cleaning, Freon examination and spare parts changing during all the whole week of the campaign.

The largest fleet of After-Sales Services of Shaker Group in the KSA
Resulted in an Absolute Leadership and Continuous Achievements Over the Years

Excellence in After-Sales Services
Shaker Group, the sole agent for LG Air Conditioners, and global Home Appliances brands like Indesit, Ariston, Maytag, Bissell and Midea in Saudi Arabia; achieved many milestones which had a positive impact in building and strengthening the trust and loyalty of the customers. These achievements distinguished Shaker Group in providing the best After-Sales services to the customers, including the deliveries and maintenance and technical support through the full network of service centers throughout the kingdom. This success is based on the brilliant history of Shaker Group in terms of the after-sales service and maintenance.


Shaker Group, the sole agent of LG Air Conditioners in the Kingdom, launched its annual campaign “Scratch and Win” which includes cash discounts and interesting prizes. Customers are entitled to the cash redemption for their bought A/Cs, ranging between 20%, 30% and 50% in addition to many valuable prizes on the daily draws run via the Shaker Group’s social media platforms. The campaign will last for 2 consecutive months starting from April 3rd 2016, and it will be featured at Shaker Group showrooms and LG scattered outlets and Dealers shops all-over the Kingdom. The campaign will include promotional activities in the Kingdom tackling the Shaker Group’s offers, products and services.

Shaker Group displays advanced Energy-Saving Solutions during its Annual LG Air Conditioners’ Dealers Conventions Kingdom-wide

Shaker Group, the sole distributor of LG Air Conditioners in Saudi Arabia, organized its annual Dealers Convention across the Kingdom starting from Abha, Khobar, Jeddah, Gassim and Riyadh. The conference was greatly commended by more than 1500 attendees of LG Air Conditioners’ leading dealers in the Kingdom, representatives of Contractors companies and projects owners. Media representatives and newspapers and magazines reporters were attending and covering this important event as well.

Shaker Group launches a free maintenance campaign for LG air-conditioning products

In keenness of its constant growth in the air conditioning products and persistent dedication towards customers’ satisfaction, Shaker Group, the exclusive sole agent for LG air-conditions in Saudi Arabia, has launched a free service campaign specifically dedicated for LG air-conditions including window ACs, Split ACs and Tower ACs. The campaign that lasted for one week was launched on the 20th of March offering its customers unique opportunity to know more about Shaker Group’s progressive standards in terms of first-class maintenance.


Due to the high quality standards regarding functionality, design and finish, LG continues to push boundaries with its second-to-none HVAC solutions. LG has participated in HVAC R EXPO Saudi 2016, displaying its latest innovations in HVAC systems. The EXPO SAUDI is a globally-renowned exhibition dedicated to residential and industrial installations, air-conditioning and renewable energy. It showcases the latest in heating, cooling, and energy-related systems from the world’s top manufacturers.

Shaker Group hosts “Iftar Sae’em” activity for orphans in cooperation with Insan Charitable Society.

Shaker Group, the sole agent for LG Air Conditioners and many global Home Appliances brands has organized “Iftar Sae’em” activity in cooperation with Insan Charitable Society in Riyadh city. Gifts have been distributed to the orphans and their dresses for the coming Eid Al Fiter, the event witnessed many activities entered the happiness and joyful feelings to the attendees.

Shaker Group boosts its pioneer position in superior service and customers’ satisfaction

In a new achievement added to their recognitions, Shaker Group obtained the ISO certificates 10001 & 10002 in the domain of customer’s service. Shaker Group, the sole agent for LG Air Conditioners, and global Home Appliances brands like Indesit, Ariston, Maytag, Bissell and Midea in Saudi Arabia and many other prominent Home Appliances products achieved also the highest satisfaction rate via the rapidity and good quick response of service requests for their Air Conditioners and Home appliance products. Moreover, Shaker Group is honored to be the first company in the Middle East to get the ISO 9001:2015 Award.

“Shaker Group hosted Mr. Seong-Jin JO, CEO of “LG Electronics”

In a greatest welcoming festivity, Shaker Group, the biggest distributor of LG Air Conditioners in the world, had the pleasure of hosting at its headquarter in Riyadh, Mr. Seong-Jin JO, CEO of "LG Electronics” in a very special visit to the Kingdom last week. This visit, from the top Senior Official figure at "LG Electronics”, was highly appreciated by the Shaker group, valued as a great opportunity to enhance the solid Strategic Partnership between the two parties, towards wider horizons, in line with the “KSA 2030 Vision” viewing the huge investment opportunities it embraces.