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Annual maintenance contracts

Shaker Group offers an annual maintenance contract for any real estate, commercial, and government activity, where we have technicians who are characterized by high experience and skill supported by multiple technical and training courses and that our services ensure that you are assured of maintaining and operating air conditioners with high efficiency and that they are energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Maintenance services for projects:
  • 1. Technical expertise for all air conditioners (DX-VRF & Chiller).
  • 2. Ease of communication and speed of response.
  • 3. Guaranteed and high quality original spare parts.
  • 4. Priority service, seasonal visits, and competitive prices.
  • 5. Provide the service at any time convenient for the customer within 24 hours.
Advantages of maintenance contracts on air conditioners:
  • 1. Maintaining the efficiency of air conditioners throughout the operational life.
  • 2. Contribute to energy saving and environmental protection.
  • 3. Reduction in the cost of future maintenance.

Spare Parts Sales

Shaker Group offers a network of spare parts sales branches located in maintenance centers throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which provide original and high-quality spare parts for all international brands of LG Air Conditioners, (LG) Home Appliances (Ariston, Mitag, Andest, Media, and Bompani). Also we sell/supply genuine spare parts with a competitive price.

Exchange and return policy for spare parts

Shaker Group is committed to replace or return the sold spare parts if the following conditions are met:
  • 1. The date of the purchase invoice should not have passed more than five working days.
  • 2. The customer must submit the original purchase invoice with the part to be replaced or returned.
  • 3. The spare part to be replaced or returned in its condition when sold and completely intact and that the packaging materials are complete.
  • 4. Electronic and electrical parts are not exchangeable or returnable.
Please inspect the sold spare parts and ensure that the order is correct and free from defects or damage.

After-sales Services

Shaker Group operates a vast maintenance network across Saudi Arabia, staffed by experienced technicians trained in various technical courses. Our objective is to promptly meet maintenance needs and supply spare parts from our branches nationwide, fostering customer trust and satisfaction.We also strive to enhance our after-sales support by maintaining high-quality standards in maintenance, spare parts provision, and manufacturing, all in accordance with Ministry of Commerce regulations as follows:

  • 1. Two years warranty, (Excluding Accessories & Peripherals).
  • 2. Commitment to attend the in-home visit for the maintenance request in major cities within a maximum period of 3 days.
  • 3. Customers shall be entitled to a temporary product or 1÷400 (equal 0.25%) of the product value for every day of delay at the maintenance in the cases
  • prescribed by law.
  • 4. Maintenance quality warranty for 90 days.
  • 5. Replying to customers` complaints, providing them with the required information, updating them on complaint progress within 5 days, and providing them with final responses to their complaints within a maximum period of 30 days.
  • 6. Transporting devices from remote areas or that cannot be transported safely by regular means of transport up to a maximum of 14 days from the date of the maintenance request.
  • 7. For more details, please call the toll-free number 8002445454.