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Shaker Group is contributing to the prosperity and progress of Saudi Arabia in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. Our role as a leading importer, distributor and manufacturer positions us at the heart of the country’s economy.
Our commitment to national development includes rolling out superior and reliable technology to customers across the nation, promoting efficiency and wellbeing while also providing best in class service and mitigating carbon emissions. We are pioneers in the national drive to promote energy efficiency through our services and products. Moreover, our successful manufacturing joint venture in Riyadh supports the government’s initiative to increase local manufacturing -made in Saudi flagship- and move further towards industrial self-sufficiency.
Over many years Shaker Group has built enduring partnerships with global brands of the highest quality. Combined with our profound knowledge of the regional marketplace, this framework enables us to provide reliable, innovative, sustainable and competitive solutions to all our customers, tailored to their particular needs whether they are public or private sector entities or individuals.
Having served the country since 1950 we are looking forward to playing a leading role in the next exciting phase of national growth and development. We will deliver further value to the economy and social fabric while advancing and expanding our offering to customers. As well as strengthening our links with international and regional partners, we will focus on further enhancing the quality and skills of our staff in order to provide the highest possible levels of service.

Whether you are an existing or potential customer, a brand partner or other stakeholder, we are proud to welcome you into the world of Shaker Group.

Mohammed Ibrahim Abunayyan,
Chief Executive, Shaker Group